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Tips to dating a single dad

More than anything, I’m tired of dads not taking their responsibilities and duties seriously. He is a lazy and an ignorant little boy who cares nothing for those whom he has been enlisted to provide for and protect.

As far as I can tell, there are three kinds of dads who willingly “leave” their kids. He packs up, he walks away, and he wants nothing to do with his child or his child’s mother. His self-centeredness and narcissism rank him among the most selfish human beings on the planet. Sadly, he’ll never fully realize what he left behind.

His own rationalizations and reasoning blind him to anything but a life of justification and attempts to forget his wrongful deed.

He’ll never know of the hundreds of Saturday morning snuggles that could have been his.

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He’ll never understand the anger and tears that his child will experience as he tries to comprehend a father that would vanish, and without sensible explanation.

But there is another kind of father who leaves as well. He works to make it appear that he’s not leaving at all.

He, like that first man, cloaks himself in rationalization and reasoning.

Even more sadly, he’ll never realize that he left behind a tiny person that would have looked at him as his hero.

He’ll never know that he left a child who would have trusted him and loved him more than any other person reasonably should.


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