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The scholar left no stone unturned to improve the condition of the Zoroastrians.

He had just returned from Iran and was planning to go back when he became victim of this new horrendous crime.

Given how many dissidents have been killed in France with the assassins getting away scot free, you betta. l=1&cat=21&scat=76&artid=1083 MPG Report on IRI Intelligence Preying on Women:

Not to mention the French govt's sponsorship of the worst and most brutal dictatorships in the world. l=1&cat=21&scat=114&artid=1081 MPG's underground paper, the "Night Mail" vol. l=1&cat=21&scat=187&artid=1076 Down With Islamic Republic Long Live Iran ============================================== The killer of Dr.

He was saddened by the suffering and discrimination the Iranian Zoroastrians were facing.

He was disturbed by the Zoroastrian cemeteries destruction and the pressures and insults the Iranian Zoroastrians were suffering from.

Views expressed here are not necessarily the views & opinions of Activist I don't know exactly but it appears that he had appeared in a radio program of some sort talking about Zoroastrianism and trying to raise awareness of the harsh situation of his community after the Islamic invasion in Iran. Why not suggest something more practical, and sane, like simply show your support for our compatriots wearing chains around their necks and getting beaten up by the Belgian police?

Activist retains the rights to all content/IP info in in this forum and may re-post content elsewhere.

It's to note that Vafadari's murder is very similar to those of the lates Commander Shahriar Shafigh, Dr. The new murder was committed at a time when, addressing a press conference, former Islamic FM, Ali-Akbar Velayati, who is running for the 9th Presidential Elections, made implicit reference to secrets of certain political assassinations.More than a year ago on May 17, 2005, an Islamic Republic Terrorist named "Mehdi Shadi Komoleh" slaughtered Dr. His plan was to go back home to Iran the day after the treatment.The terrorist was a member of the regime militia "Sepah Pasdaran" (IRGC) and he was at the front in Iran-Iraq war back in the 1980s.He did not mention that, with their diplomatic passports, Saeed Emami and his league of criminals even attended UN General Assembly sessions as members of the Islamic Republic delegation.Velayati is under a warrant issued by the German judiciary in the Mykonos Affair, just as like as, Ali Fallahian, the former Ministry of Intelligence of Hashemi Rafsnajani government.As a firm opponent of all totalitarian rule, he volunteered for service with the French Resistance and served in the "Orlean" battalion in WWII.France sold his hero and soul to cheap oil and contracts from Islamic Mafia. Go to google and type in "Kasra vafadari" and the following link comes up: Wife of murdered Iranian professor held in Paris PARIS, May 19 (AFP) - The wife of an Iranian professor found dead in his Paris apartment earlier this week was taken into police custody on suspicion of complicity, police said Thursday.A long-time resident of France, the Iranian professor was an active member of the Zoroastrian community in Iran.Zoroastrianism is the ancient religion of Persia, founded by the prophet Zarathushtra.Emami was later subject of an internal purge and supposedly committed "suicide" by swallowing some depilatory cream while being in custody.His mysterious death, looking like to be a murder by his colleagues, avoided investigations which would have shown the role of the real masterminds behind the deaths of hundreds of Iranian dissidents inside and outside Iran.


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