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Updating a mountain cabin with paneling

Their solution was to unify the new addition with the existing space using flat library paneling, an application that provided rich style to the space.

To help address their desire for a nice transition from the older space into the contemporary new space, they chose to use a fashionabe interior white paint on the walls and ceiling and a light color on the flooring to very effectively marry the contemporary and traditional styles.

First, you can pick up some additional height with a tall baseboard at the floor and/or crown molding or a simple wood strip at the ceiling.

If you have 9-foot or taller ceillings, you might consider the method detailed in the following images.

And even though the walls in this next photo are lighter than yours are, (and I know you’re husband is totally against painting) it really gives you a good idea of what white trim looks like up against un-painted wood paneling… Angie- I’m just throwin’ all the options out there!

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You shouldn't use a cleaner that will eat away at the finish, or that will leave andy cloudy residue or wax which you may get if you use a commercial cleaner.

In the next photo, they not only painted the trim white, but they painted the doors white too…

…and again, they used white painted furniture and lots of white accessories.

Also, take note of all the reflective surfaces they used- stainless steel, chrome, glass.

They not only help open up the room, but they also add a little “bright n’ sparkly”, which is a nice contrast to the matte finish of the wood.(Mirror would be another great, reflective surface to use in an all wood room.)And by accenting the room with pops of pale blue and green, the room has a really nice, fresh feeling about it.


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