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Updating autostar

SCOPES: Celestron Nex Star 6SE, Meade LX-90-ACF 12" EYEPIECES: Meade Series 5k 2" UWA 20mm 82*, ES 68 24mm & 16mm, ES 82 11mm, various Plossls ACCESSORIES: Astro Zap Dew Shields, Meade Series 5000 2" Dielectric Diagonal FILTERS: Zhumell 1.25" Variable Polarizing, O-III, UHC, & Urban Sky The weakest link in the optical chain is the large nut located directly behind the eyepiece/ camera.

- Gabrielle Ya gotta keep this Apo/Achro thing in some balance of perspective.

You will need an "unzip" utility for your PC or Macintosh to unzip some of the archives.

It is recommended that Autostar II users with version 1.0x immediately upgrade their handbox to the latest version (1.3t) of the firmware, because several important performance enhancements are included in this revision.

NOTE: Only the RS232 port next to the HBX port can be used for upgrading the handbox. 3.5x adds a "Real-Time" Mode for the Autostar II, and an enhanced Tour compiler for support with future handbox upgrades.

Several Autostar updater bugs were also resolved with this update.

Version 5.9 - from Meade's site (08/17/11) 09/18/09 Autostar Update (ASU) Client Application for Windows, Version 5.9. This version is compatible with all versions of Auto Star II, #497 and #494 Auto Star computer controllers.


  1. NEW AUTOSTAR UPDATER SOFTWARE NOW AVAILABLE. VERSION 5.9.3 AutoStar Updater version 5.9.3 adds support for the new AudioStar hand controller. Several Autostar updater bugs were also resolved with this update. Version 5.9 - from Meade's site 08/17/11 09/18/09 Autostar Update ASU Client.

  2. I have an LX90 GPS with autostar software version 4.3. I would like to update to version 6.0 using autosuite, but have read about some people having problems afterwards.

  3. To upgrade your Autostar version for ANY of the Meade GO TO telescopes that are capable of upgrading ETX 90, 105, 125, LX 90, LXD55s, and the LX200 GPS scopes you will need to install the current or user preferred firmware. These packages are available by downloading from the Meade Updater site at.

  4. StarPatch allows you to use almost any GPS receiver with the Meade Autostar 497/497EP or Audiostar handsets see telescope models. StarPatch updates the internal handset software so that it can recognize GPS NMEA data and use this to set the date, time, latitude and longitude. Additional software features known as.

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