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Validating someones suffering intimmidating

They are the primary gatekeepers that allow or deny beings access into and out of the demiurgic system, and as such, they must be exposed.

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Some of that criminal being's malicious energy is then projected onto the individual who is being tricked into believing that they were once that horrible criminal.

If the content of an individual's life, unhealed wounds and unfulfilled desires isn't enough to convince them that they need to reincarnate, they are presented with an even more brazen deception.

They are shown what they are told is their own past life where they committed horrible crimes, and they are told that they need to continue incarnating into adverse conditions in order to "work off" that bad karma.

They are shown a little movie of their life which focuses on the disappointments, unfulfilled desires, painful experiences and hurtful actions the person experienced during their life.

Through this biased and manipulated "life review," the being is made to feel bad about their life, which is exactly what the To K want.


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  3. Hi. This is a page linked from a website that deals with multiple pain issues. Hope it helps someone. Take care. Lisa.

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