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Vb validating textbox

However, just placing some Text Boxes on a User Form for users to enter data is not enough.

For example, the Text Boxes may be intended to take only numeric data and not Text strings. Private Sub Text Box1_Change() Only Numbers End Sub Private Sub Text Box2_Change() Only Numbers End Sub Private Sub Text Box3_Change() Only Numbers End Sub Private Sub Only Numbers() If Type Name(Me.

Say, for example, if you're using that data to build a dynamic SQL Query, one could "remove" that validation function from the client side and inject malicious SQL. Pattern should be something like "\d " to join Just-Taxis helping you to increase your business custom.

For example I would like to bind button Is Enabled property to that deciding to enable button only in user input is valid.

Simplest way, in my opinion is to check if Text Box has any validation errors and if no – make button enabled, disabled otherwise.

I could never get Regular Expressions to work so to test my textbox values for capital alpha and a numeric I wrote the following code: public static bool Is Alpha Numeric(string str To Check) Sorry you have to set the Maximum Value and Minimum Value on the range validator.

That should do the trick, keep in mind if you want to allow the user to enter decimal values that changes the entire scenario.


  1. Textbox validation in Visual Basic. I have a textbox which has some text on it and when the user will click on it. Private Sub TextBox1_Validating.

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  4. You can do one of two things Pass the textbox value to a Regular Expression test, or build your own test. I could never get

  5. I ahev a form in in which the textboxes are validated useing e.cancel. My problem is I want to have a "clear Form" & an"exit" button. If a textbox.

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