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Let's look at some online dating security and safety tips: The online dating site you use will likely have some built-in security features that you can choose to take advantage of.

Besides the ability to block someone from contacting you, many dating sites also feature the ability to turn off instant messages, location tracking, etc.

Check the privacy settings page on your dating website of choice to see what settings are available.

So you've made a "connection" with someone online and you want to move things forward.

When you take "selfies" with you cell phone camera, you not only take a picture of yourself, but if your phone is configured to allow location tagging, then the geolocation where you took the picture also gets recorded in the picture's metadata.

The person on the other end only see's your Google voice number (if you've set things up correctly).

To learn more about how to obtain a Google Voice number and how you can use it to protect your identity, Check out our article: How to Use Google Voice as a Privacy Firewall.

Speed Dating With Your Demo Reel™ is a unique opportunity where select voice actors (seasoned and emerging) meet with talent agents, casting directors and media producers in a series of one-on-one, 6-minute interviews.

Voice actors will have the chance to share their demo reels and discuss career objectives with a variety of experts who will offer insight toward helping you to move your career forward.


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  2. Download The Google Search App and get the best answers and assistance using voice search. Available on Android and iPhone. Get the mobile app today.

  3. Online dating safety is important for singles looking for love on the Internet. I recommend trying Google Voice, where you get a private number for free to hand out to potential dates.

  4. Mar 22, 2018 You might know someone who's in a relationship/dating because of a match they found on POF. Requires Android. Varies with device. Content Rating.

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