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He observes the slipper for a while and comments that the shoe must belong to a gracious woman.

Saying so, he tells all the women in the festival to try the slipper to find out the owner, whom he shall wed. Seeing Tấm trying the shoe, Cám and her mother mock her.

He tells her to stop crying and see what is left in the basket, which is merely a goby.

Then he tells her to raise the fish in a well with her rice and teach her the words to call the fish up: O goby, o goby Go up and eat my golden and silver rice Don't eat those spoiled rice and porridge of theirs.

Not forgetting her father's death day despite the fulfilling life in king's palace, she comes back home to help her stepmother preparing for the anniversary. The stepmother tells Tấm to climb on an areca tree to gather its fruit for the ceremony.

Realising that, Cám tells Tấm to wash her hair, as the stepmother will scold her if her hair is so muddy.

While Tấm is washing her hair, Cám transfers all the shrimp from Tấm's basket to hers and goes home.

Cám goes to the king's palace and lies to him that Tấm was unfortunately drowned a pond and died by accident, so she goes here to replace her. On her way, she scolds Cám while she is washing the king's clothes. Missing his wife, the king says: "O oriole, if you are my wife, enter my sleeve", and she does so.

The king is saddened to hear so, yet nothing he can do. And the king only spends his time with the bird, ignoring Cám.


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