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What couples started dating from biggest loser dating and the rules

Since leaving the ranch, Matt and Suzy tied the knot and had two kids.

They try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but both have put back on some pounds.

Eliminated after just four weeks, he kept working at home, weighing in at 312 at the finale.

Now even though that's a 142-pound loss, he's still heavier than most "Loser" participants are on Day 1.

Ali Vincent — Season 5 Winner Starting Weight: 234 Ending Weight: 122 Season 5 winner Ali Vincent was the first woman to take the title, losing 112 pounds (47.9 percent of her body weight).

Matt Hoover — Season 2 Winner Starting Weight: 339 Ending Weight: 182 Season 2 winner Matt Hoover lost 157 pounds (46 percent of his body weight) and gained a wife when he married third runner-up Suzy Preston.Bill and Jim Germanakos — Season 4 0,000 and 0,000 Winners Bill Starting Weight: 334 Bill Ending Weight: 170 Jim Starting Weight: 361 Jim Ending Weight: 175 In what might have been one of the most public cases of sibling rivalry ever, both Bill and Jim Germanakos went home winners on Season 4 of "The Biggest Loser." The twin brothers came on the show together as a team, but Jim was eliminated in Week 5.Bill dominated the season and won the grand prize by dropping 164 pounds (a 49 percent loss).Pete Thomas — Season 2 0,000 Winner Starting Weight: 401 Ending Weight: 216 Pete Thomas got kicked off the ranch in Week 7 but shocked viewers when he came back for the finale and stepped on the scale. He was given the 0,000 "At-Home Biggest Loser" prize for losing 46 percent of his body weight. The name of his Website tells it all, "" He's still fit and trim and travels the country giving motivational speeches about his "Winning Principles." He's also developed a ten-week weight loss program called "Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever" that he teaches in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Michigan public schools.Erik Chopin — Season 3 Winner Starting Weight: 407 Ending Weight: 193 What do you do when you win 0,000 on a reality TV show for losing 214 pounds (52 percent of your body weight) in front of millions of viewers and then go home and gain half of it back?In June 2009, they launched "The Truth About Diets" program, including their Rapid-Action Weight Loss System.They also have a Website called dedicated to motivating others to keep battling the bulge.Season 8 of "The Biggest Loser: Second Chances" starts tonight, and you might notice a few familiar faces, such as Amanda Arlauskas.She was chosen by Season 7 viewers to join the cast this fall.She also has her own show on QVC, "The Biggest Loser Health Lifestyle," and participated in the "Got Milk" campaign.This past April she ran the Nautica South Beach Triathlon to benefit St.


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