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Who is haley reinhart dating

"Beautiful," I totally changed Carole King's -- it was beautiful the way it was written -- but I changed it up and kind of "funkified" it, and I think that was a different kind of a cover, you know?

What was it like singing with your dad playing guitar on the stage and you singing background vocals with your parents when you were younger? I mean, they've, my parents, have basically just taught me the rules of the stage and everything since I was eight, and the first big thing I ever got to do was on my ninth birthday.

I started it off kind of slower and jazzier like I wanted to, so that would be pretty cool.

There's a bunch of different ones I could think of, but at the top of my head, that one's awesome.

What was your reaction when you first heard those rumors and do you have any idea how they might have gotten started? We had a different kind of connection from the rest, and so we'd sit by each other and all that jazz.

So, I'm pretty sure that's when it all started, and we laughed about it.

All these different songs and the genres that I got to show off in the early stages and everything, I wouldn't trade that in for the world.

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There's of course going to be some things, and I do nitpick -- I'm a Virgo -- but other than that, I don't regret anything because each step along this way has gotten me to where I am today.

Do you think that helped or hindered how far you got in the competition? I believe their intentions for it throughout this whole process were simply to push me along further, because it was apparent they liked to get me to where I could be at the top of my game and to get me a little fired up inside, so then I come out with something that they really, really really didn't expect of what not. It's up to America, but as far as whether it hindered anything, I got to the Top 3, so that's quite alright.

Would you have done anything differently if you were given the opportunity to go back?

I mean, obviously, we have a really, really strong relationship.

We're not dating, but just the musicality between us and everything else has just been wonderful. Also in the call, Reinhart told reporters how she responded to celebrity support, what it was like playing with her dad on the Idol stage, whether she felt she was portrayed differently from her true personality on the show, how she reacted to the judges' constant criticism in comparison to what the other contestants received, and what kind of debut album and sound she would like to create. I don't like to look into anything that could possibly be negative, but I definitely do look at the tweets and I pretty much read everybody's that they send me and you know, getting support from [former eighth-season finalist Adam Lambert] was just amazing, because in my opinion, he's just spectacular.


  1. May 3, 2011. Latest American Idol cast-off Casey Abrams recently visited the OK! NYC offices and shared dirt on the big question What, exactly, is going on between him and Haley Reinhart? Well, for one thing — they are not dating. But when Steven Tyler questioned the two of them last week, Casey didn't deny it. OK!

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