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"I'm not subtle, and people find that abrasive," Sines said, shrugging. At night, she often can be seen sitting at a downtown bar-restaurant sipping Grey Goose and pineapple juice with homicide detectives.

She's often the only white woman at the table, dwarfed by the linebacker-size black men who refer to Sines as "family" and trade off-color jokes. You have to be able to communicate with the scientist, clergyman, doctor, retail sales clerk and the fast-food employee and unemployed juror and high school dropouts." In the hallways at Superior Court, lawyers talk about Sines's strong will and determination, but they say she can have an unforgiving memory.

Start to finish, it can take a year or two, even more.

As deputy chief of homicide, Sines oversees 11 lawyers who stop by her office throughout the day, giving updates on investigations. Even before the threats, they were protective of Sines.

She has six pairs, different colors to match whichever suit she's wearing.Langzaam hebben ze zich westerse technologie eigengemaakt en verbeterd en zijn ze een concurrent geworden voor het westen.Daarbij ook gebruik makend van een waaier aan opties – van tariefmuren tot spionage – om een stap voor te komen op het westen (overigens moeten we niet vergeten dat bijvoorbeeld de Verenigde Staten ook gretig mercantilisme en protectionisme omarmde op weg naar de status van wereldmacht).Backhands in de kruising, een lobje, een tip-in en een geweldige schijnbeweging: het komt allemaal voorbij in deze top 5 van het eerste competitieweekend. Frank Kuiper (Oss), Hugo Peperkamp (Nijmegen), Olivier Hortensius (Rotterdam), Marlon de Bruijne (Tilburg) of Maud van Lanen (Uden). With Steely Focus, Prosecutor Takes On Infamous Defendants By Keith L. trial, we will kill you." Sines was preparing to pick a jury in the trial against two men accused of killing witnesses. Yet this was the first time that Sines's job led to a threat against her family.On a recent day, a bunch of autopsy photos were on her desk, showing men with a variety of bullet wounds.She keeps several plaques on the walls, including one that says: "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process, he does not become a monster." In a corner, she keeps 26 pairs of pumps, neatly stacked in boxes, and a change of clothes.Many live in the same neighborhoods as the people accused of murders."It's easy to say, 'You have to tell the truth,' but you realize that truth has severe consequences," she said.Her voice can take on many dimensions -- tough-talking New York accent, dating to time she spent there; easygoing Southern drawl; or street vernacular. " she yelled into her phone one recent day, her way of asking an investigator whether he was okay.She often uses four- or 12-letter words to profanely punctuate her speech. I am too damn old for that." To deal with the pressure, Sines likes to tend to her garden, rising at 6.


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