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A woman feels that if a guy is actually of sexual worth, if he were desirable, he would never behave so “nicely”- he would never be so submissive.

It’s not MASCULINE to be submissive, as I will explain. Now, today, our society’s economic structure has changed, and men don’t hunt anymore to SURVIVE.

Can you see the considerable DIFFERENCES men and women approach in dating? Well, for starters, STOP THINKING THAT EVERY WOMAN YOU MEET MIGHT VERY WELL BE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE… For me, I’d always be looking for something, anything; her dress sense, her accessories, her handbag, her heels, her actions; whatever it is to bust on her (There’s ALWAYS something you can focus on) and turn the tables implying how SHE’S the one who’s screwing up her chances with me. Still, I could care less what you think of me but I’m comfortable & confident enough to make fun of you so we’ll see where this goes :-)” There are SPECIFIC things you MUST do when you’re in the midst of building attraction with a woman, and for a COMPLETE education & understanding of what these are, I’ve carefully listed and explained EVERYTHING in detail here in the Instant Attraction Program ebooks and audios and I’m finally getting what women want and what they view men now.

If she’s local and I’m from out of town, and she wasn’t sure of her directions, I’ll just shake my head and go “this relationship just isn’t going to work out” If she fumbles as she’s pouring herself coffee I’ll shake my head and go “this relationship just isn’t going to work out” Using the “this relationship just isn’t going to work out” has never failed in doing ‘the job’ =) As we’re talking, when she accidentally mispronounces, ‘eats’ or fumbles her sentences (this happens to all of us sometimes), I’ll just shake my head again and just breath a playful sigh… I’m having some success with women at the moment in fact I have this one girl it has come to a point where we connect so emotionally well I could say anything and I’m confident she’ll follow.

And moreover, you’d never guess what these behaviors are using logic !

You see, guys have got their ideas about women all wrong.

And believe you me, being ‘safe’, not taking chances and risks with women is BORING to women. Because that’s exactly the kind of men that are hitting on them everyday!

Later on, you can show occasional acts of “niceness” because you’ve proven you are NOT desperate.

Now, if you go real deep, to the evolutionary levels, there actually IS logic to the way women think, but in today’s society, the way women FEEL attraction is absolutely obsolete and no longer logical at all.

But with men, it’s simple though- see hot woman, feel attraction. Her attraction to you is primarily based on your BEHAVIORS.

He’ll be thinking “Gosh you’re beautiful, I’m so into you, I just know you’ll be a wonderful girlfriend. “You’re soo hot, I sooo wanna bang you” On the other hand, women will be thinking “You’re interesting to me.

I’d like to get to know you better and we’ll see how things goes.” You’ll also notice that they are the ones that are usually more laid back when they’re on dates. I’m saying “I’m here to get to know you but I’m also here to have fun.


  1. Question I have just started a university course as a mature age student I'm 24 and am wondering how I can use this as an advantage to meet women how to pickup women, too. There are lots of younger girls there and I feel I have an advantage as I have been living in the “real world”, having left school a while ago.

  2. Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby is the founder and clinical director of Growing Self Counseling and Coaching in Denver Colorado. She has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado, and a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. Since 2010 Dr. Bobby has.

  3. Hi David. I've to say I've learnt a lot from your newsletters. Thanks for the emails though keep up the great job! I've a question and i hope you could help. There is this girl that was recently introduced by a friend and she's really hot! She's a HB9 no doubt! Now I've been carefully studying and applying the stuff I've learnt from.

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