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Now that you have moved back what do you miss about the UK, if anything? I never thought that moving back to the USA would feel like moving to a new country, but I was learning things that I had forgotten and it wasn’t as easy as I thought.I actually hadn’t lived in the US for over 5 years because of my transition.There are things that I miss about both sides of the pond and I am still unsure about my choice but everyone is different.But make sure you visit ‘back home’ before you take the plunge…Being a musician, I worked very diligently to create a name and work for myself to support living on my own.

No more boot of the car, right-hand drive cars (which I occasionally get in the car and sit there hoping that no one saw me get in on the wrong side!! Anything you have noticed now that you didn’t notice before about America/Americans?

Saying ‘yes’ would meant that I was going to leave a career that I had built to return to my family and have a wonderful support system and spend holidays with them.

Saying ‘no’ meant I would continue my career but would spend birthdays and special holidays away from my family.

things might have changed and your views might have changed too. This is something I am still seriously considering. What have you noticed about American men in comparison to the UK guys (I asked this because we get asked that a lot) I am probably the worst person to answer this…

but generally there are good, respectful men and the opposite in both countries. how did they grow up and how do they treat their mothers!! (Thinking of making the move back to America yourself?


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