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And I'm there as like a peer counselor for the men that have emotional problems. I'm kind of like a combination chaplain, counselor, guidance counselor and just a friend to those guys. It's just green clothing, though, drab green, but this is part of the prison uniform.

And he stuck me when I wasn't looking with a razor and opened up the whole side of my neck. When I went down to the prison infirmary, I walked down there on my own and I didn't really lose much blood.

He writes: "I feel that I have been feeling this person's anger and rage toward law enforcement." It's that type of perspective that brought us to this decision to replay our 1999 interview with David Berkowitz. But how do you adjust to this kind of, for want of a better term, bleak living? There's a day room area all the guys in the cell block eat. BERKOWITZ: Oh, I get along with the guys, thank God, pretty good.

BERKOWITZ: Yes, I got involved -- and it was a very long process, and I look back with regret and... BERKOWITZ: Yes, in 1979, another inmate -- I guess to make a name for himself -- tried to take my life. And you know, the doctor there said it's a miracle you survived. And I believe at that time God had protected my life. Some -- it was a nightmare I like to forget, you know, years of Attica and going through those struggles. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: We're back at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, New York. KING: I'm not going to dwell on it, but let's cover some of those bases. BERKOWITZ: Yes, there were several times that at the beginning, when I first came to prison, I was very suicidal. Within hours, the experts were sure it was the same weapon used ti kill Stacy Moskowitz. I just confessed and pled guilty and got it over with, and -- just wanted to get out of that environment. KING: But for people watching, especially younger people who don't know, why -- first, what was it like to kill someone first time you killed someone? KING: Did you ever -- didn't you try once to take your own life? The infamous .44 caliber bulldog revolver found in his car was rushed to ballistics. BERKOWITZ: Right, I just wanted to end it, and I was just so distraught. BERKOWITZ: Larry, I -- I don't dwell on that much, and -- I don't dwell on it at all. There was just so much in me that was driving me to destroy myself at the time. I did three years in the Army, I was honorably discharged, and I wanted to start a life. And friends had move away, and I didn't know anyone and... There are things that happened in the past that I deeply regret with all of my heart, but I know that I can't change those things and I have to accept the punishment that was meted out to me. KING: What kind of living condition do you have here? And God has just given me the strength to endure from day to day.


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